The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of routine life.

What is the test?

  • IELTS General – This module is for people who wish to opt for work or Permanent registration in abroad.

  • IELTS Academic – This module is for people who are taking up higher studies and Professional Registration in abroad.

IELTS Test Format

  • Reading
  • 40 Questions – 60 Minutes

  • Listening
  • 40 Questions – 30 Minutes

  • Writing
  • 2 Sections – 60 Minutes

  • Speaking
  • 3 Sections – 12-15 Minutes

  • Total
  • 2 hours 45 minutes

Class Room Training


Class room training is the most promising mode of learning since ages. Here we shall be equipping the client with the proper understanding on handling IELTS exams along with the guidelines & strategies to achieve the wished band level.We will be providing the practice materials of all time with the clients to do the vigorous training.

Constructive Online Training


We will be ensuring the proper Guidance of approaching IELTS exams along with the strategies to crack the desired band score with in the given time frame. Will be providing the practice materials of all time with the clients to do the vigorous training. Timely feedback & monitoring the progress is the key for our success.

Reason to Choose us

The experience of taking IELTS is human because throughout the process, you shall interact with real people who understand how important your result is to your greater journey in life. While it’s easy to simply look at IELTS as a test for English – to us it’s far more than that. It’s a gateway for people from around the world to achieve their dreams in English Speaking Countries – and we IELTS Training Council are here to make those dreams come real.

Materialistic Design

The Only Exclusive Training Institute for IELTS in South India. We work with Certified Professionals at the Prime Location under an motivating Environment. Library to ~25 years of IELTS Training Materials. International Lecturers are appointed for Guest lecturing.

Training Methodology

Our training content will certainly be a balanced mix of highly interactive video lectures, approximately last 25 years of reading materials and plenty of mock tests alongside with our regular sessions with the trainer.

Sucess Rate

About 83.5% of our clients, after our intensive training, do achieve their desired band. If you focus and determent to the training plan of ours, you will certainly notch your favorite band. We have numerous clients who have managed to achieve perfect 9 bands later our training.

Our Skills

What we are specialised on.

Max Band achieved in Listening9
Max Band achieved in Reading9
Max Band achieved in Speaking8.5
Max Band achieved in Writing8


The credents what we build among the clients


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Raja Ponnaiah

Co ordinator

Personalised Training Modules

  • Our Training kick starts with a thorough analysis of your present English Language ability and IELTS Exam readiness valuation.

  • Straight after you enroll for the training, you are required to give this diagnostic test which will determine your current band level. Based on the gap between the current and target band level, an appropriate trainer will be mapped for you.

  • This assessment is conducted / analyzed by a senior trainer who defines a roadmap for you to get your desired band in 1 attempt.

  • Our Senior Training faculty would evaluate your performance every fortnight. Based on your improvement, he will customize your study plan for sustained perfection.

  • Later the adequate language improvement, you would be engaged to explicit IELTS drill.

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